Professional Headshots


Headshots and Team Group Portraits:

Marketing yourself and/or your team with professional photos is an absolute necessity in business.  Branding your image is just as important as branding your name.  I’ve been a music and entertainment photographer for the past 4 years, and during this time I have photographed many high profile entertainers.

One thing I’ve learned from working with them is that image is everything in sales.  Yes, I said sales.  Even though they are entertainers, their image is used to sell tickets, albums, merchandise, movies, and much, much more.  How many times have you seen amateur photos of celebrities used to promote any product?

As a Houston real estate agent, you’re selling homes that probably range anywhere from $200,000 to well over $1,000,000.  Would you trust putting a product of that kind of value in the hands of someone who uses a cell phone selfie to promote themselves?  I know I sure wouldn’t.  Contact me today, and let’s get you some photos that show your clients that YOU are the one they need.


Branding Yourself and or Your Team

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